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The Woodland Opera House 340 2nd Street Woodland, CA 95695 530-666-9617

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The Woodland Opera House Theatre and Dance Annex

Office Hours: Monday  - Thursday   3:00pm - 6:00pm

520 Court Street, 530-650-8203

Dance Spring Break - March 31-April 6  

Dance Classes

Classes start September 5th


BALLET: Introduction to basic ballet positions of feet, arms, and head. Emphasis on body posture and rhythm.

(* New students okay)

Purple Group*       Ages 3-4     Mon.   3:00-3:45

Lavender Group*  Ages 3-4     Tue.     3:00-3:45

Rose Group*         Ages 5-6     Tue.     4:00-4:45

Green Group*       Ages 7-9      Thur    4:00-4:55
Magenta Group*   Ages 9-12    Fri.      5:00-5:55

Maroon Group*     Ages 12+     Fri.     4:00-4:55


BALLET: For the continuing student. Emphasis on technique, jumps, turns, and combinations.

Plum Group           Wed.         3:00-3:45

Fuchsia Group       Mon.        4:00-4:55

Blue Group            Mon.        5:00-5:55


BALLET: Classes will focus on improving strength, flexibility and control and on learning advanced combinations. Teacher permission required.

Teal Group              Tue. & Thur.      4:00-4:55

Yellow Group          Mon. & Wed.    6:00-6:55

Orange Group         Mon. & Wed.    4:00-4:55

Vermillion Group    Mon. & Wed.   5:00-5:55

Red/Pointe Group   Tue. & Thur.    5:00-6:45

Ballet Variations          Fri.              4:00-5:15

Advanced Technique    Wed.          3:00-3:55     

HIP HOP/JAZZ: An introduction class focusing on rhythm,

syncopation and stage presence.  

Ages 5-7      Thur.   5:15-6:00

BEGINNING JAZZ: An  introduction to technique and combinations. This class will focus on strength, flexibility and beginning to intermediate combinations.

Ages 8+        Thur.    5:00-5:55


CONTINUING JAZZ: Emphasis on strength, technique and choreography. Teacher permission required.

Manhattan Jazz      Mon.       4:00-4:55

Brooklyn Jazz        Tue.        5:00-5:55

Chicago Jazz         Wed.       5:00-5:55


TAP:  For the beginning students. Emphasis on  tap technique and beginning combinations

Tiny Tappers   
Ages 5-7    Thur.  4:30-5:15

Beginning Tap 
Ages 8+    
Tue  4:00-4:55

CONTINUING TAP:  For the returning students. Emphasis on  tap technique and combinations. Teacher permission required.

Diamond Tappers          Mon.       5:00-5:55

Sapphire Tappers          Mon.       6:00-6:55

Emerald Tappers           Wed.       4:00-4:55

HIP HOP:  A high energy class focusing on rhythm, syncopation and stage presence.

Ages 8+          Thur.       6:00-6:55

Ages 8-12        Sat.      10:00-10:55

Ages 13+         Sat.      11:00-11:55

Dance Class Tuition

Registration Fee: $25 per family annually.

                              $15 for returning families.


Classes Per Week      Monthly Tuition

One Class…….……..$55

Two Classes…….…..$100

Three Classes……….$135

Four Classes………..$160

Click here for registration forms

Beginning-Intermediate Group Voice & Audition Technique


This class will include group instruction in the basics of singing and proper audition etiquette and technique.  Learn vocal warm ups, proper posture, breathing and safe vocal technique!  Students will improve vocal ability through group exercises and songs.  There will be a mini concert for parents and friends the last ten minutes of the final class.  Students will improve confidence in expressing themselves vocally, and will have a marked audition cut of one of the group songs they can use for future audition opportunities.

Grades 5+

Wednesday, 4:00-4:55
January 24-March 14
Instructor: Joshua Wheeler
$80 if registering on or before January 15

$85 if registering after January 15

Grades 2-4

Wednesday, 5:00-5:55
January 24-March 14
Instructor: Joshua Wheeler
$80 if registering on or before January 15

$85 if registering after January 15

Musical Theatre Classes

Develop your skills as a vocalist and dancer while working on numbers from popular Broadway musicals.


Grades K-1st            

Tues, 5:00-5:45

Session: March 6-May 15* (No class 4/3) $110

Grades K-1st            

Sat, 10:00-10:45

Session:March 10-May 19* (No class 4/7) $110

Grades 2nd-4th         

Mon, 6:00-6:55

Session: March 5-May 14* (No class 4/2) $110

Grades 2nd-4th     

 Sat, 11:00-11:55

Session: March 10-May 19* (No class 4/7) $110

Grades  5th+              

Tues, 6:00-6:55

Session: March 6-May 15* (No class 4/3) $110


*Musical theatre students will participate in the spring dance showcase on either June 2 or June 3.

Dress rehearsals TBA the weeks of May 21 & 28.


Acting Classes