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Join us for regis
tration at our NEW Theatre and Dance Annex!
Office Hours:  Monday-Thursday, 3:00-7:00
520 Court Street, 530-650-8203

Dance Classes


Dance Registration Form




BALLET:  Introduction to basic ballet positions of feet, arms, and head. Emphasis on body posture and rhythm.

(* New students okay)

Purple Group*      Ages 3-4      Mon.  3:00-3:45

Lavender Group*  Ages 3-4     Thur.  3:00-3:45

Rose Group*       Ages 5-6        Thur. 4:00-4:45

Fuchsia Group*    Ages 6-7       Mon. 4:00-4:45

Green Group*     Ages 7-8        Tue.   4:00-4:55

Maroon Group*    Ages 9+        Fri.    3:50-4:45

Magenta Group*   Ages 10+      Fri.   4:50-5:45


BALLET:  For the continuing student. Emphasis on technique, jumps, turns, and combinations.

Blue Group               Wed.       5:00-5:55


BALLET:  Classes will focus on improving strength, flexibility and control and on learning advanced combinations. Teacher permission required.

Teal Group                Mon. & Wed.    5:00-5:55

Yellow Group            Tue. & Thur.     6:00-6:55

Orange Group           Mon. & Wed.    6:00-6:55

Vermillion Group      Mon. & Weds.     4:00-5:00

Red Group A             Tue. & Thur.       4:15-5:30

Red Group B   Wed. 3:00 - 4:00 & Sat. 10:00 - 12:00

Pointe                      Tue. or Thur.     5:30-6:00                     



JAZZ 1:  An  introduction to technique and combinations. This class will focus on strength, flexibility and beginning to intermediate combinations. (New students okay)

Ages 8+     Wed. 4:00-4:55


JAZZ 2:  Emphasis on strength, technique and choreography. Teacher permission required. 

Mon. 4:00-4:55


JAZZ 3:  Emphasis on strength, technique and challenging choreography. Teacher permission required.

Wed. 4:00-:55


  For the beginning students. Emphasis on  tap technique and beginning combinations

Tiny Tappers        Ages 5-7     Thur. 5:15-6:00

Tap I                       Ages 8+      Wed. 5:00-5:55                       

TAP:   For the returning students. Emphasis on  tap technique and combinations. Teacher permission required.

Tap II               Ages 6+        Mon. 5:00-5:55

Tap III             Ages 11+       Mon. 6:00-6:55



HIP HOP  A high energy class focusing on rhythm, syncopation and stage presence. 

(* New students okay)

Ages 8-12*  Sat.  10:00-10:55

Ages 13+*   Sat.  11:00-11:55


HIP HOP/JAZZ  An introduction class focusing on rhythm, syncopation and stage presence.  

Ages 5-7     Thur. 4:30-5:15


Classes Per Week                 Monthly Tuition

One................................................. $55

Registration Fee:  $25 for new students

$15 for returning students

Drop in Rate.........................$15 per class


Workshop Registration Form

Acting Classes



An interactive, experience cultivating trust, generosity, enthusiasm and synergy through play. Building better people and actors through the four Play Theory fundamentals…

·  be 100% present
let go & play
say "YES AND"
look outward

January 10th-February 14th

Ages 12-17

Instructor: Caryn Stapp

Tuition: $90

Children's Beginning Voice

Students will spend time on proper vocal technique, exercises, and focus on unison ensemble singing. No solos will be required. This class is open to beginning students and students who have previous singing experience.  

Wednesdays  5:00-6:00

Jan 25th to Feb 15th

Ages 8-12

Instructor: Joshua Wheeler

Tuition: $40


Mini Musical

Wing It!

The baby birds are getting bigger and it’s time for them to leave the nest and try to fly. But not this batch of nesters. They have decided they like their snug little nest. Why leave home when it’s so nice and safe inside. Eventually all the other birds including the rapping raptors, humming hummingbirds, honking geese and more try to convince them to leave the nest and soar. Songs include “Birds of a Feather”, “The Hmming Song”; “Rap of the Raptors” and more. This 25 min musical is created by John Jacobson and John Higgins.


Wednesdays- 4:00-6:00

Ages 7-12

February 8 -April 5th (no class March 22nd)


Classes will be held at 415 4th Street


Recital Rehearsals (WOH Theatre): April 5 4:00-6:00 &  April 6th 4:00-5:00

Recital Performance (WOH Theatre): Thursday, April 6th 5:30


Tuition: $90

T-Shirt fee: $10

Imagination Theatre

Experience the joy of  self-expression through the use of theatre games and short imaginative scenes. This class will develop the young actor’s confidence on stage.


Grades 2nd—4th


February 21-April 11th

Tuition: $90



Learn everything from stage directions to Improv...from theatre games to scene study... all while having a blast!


Grades 5th –9th grade                

Tuesdays: 5:00-5:55
February 21-April 11th

Tuition $90

Creative Movement Workshop

This class is ideal for youngsters to explore creativity and movement. In a fun environment students will explore rhythms, qualities of movement and level changes. Jumpers, twirlers, all sorts of movers- join the fun!


Feb 1 – March 1st

Ages 5-7



Tuition: $50

Instructor: Justine Villanueva


Musical Theatre Classes


Tues, 5:00-5:45

Session: March 14-June 4th* (No class 4/18) $110

Grades K-1st            

Thurs, 6:00-6:45

Session: March 16-June 4th* (No class 4/20) $110

Grades 2nd-4th         

Mon, 5:00-5:55

Session: March 14-June 4th* (No class 4/17) $110

Grades 2nd-4th     

 Sat, 9:00-9:55

Session: March 18-June 4th* (No class 4/15) $110

Grades  5th+              

Tues, 6:00-6:55

Session: March 14-June 4th* (No class 4/18) $110


*Spring session Musical theatre students will participate in the spring dance showcase. 


Teichert Foundation


Youth Summer Theatre Camp

Show Biz Kidz-2017


The Woodland Opera House Youth Summer Theatre Camp is an annual program designed to be an introduction to theatre performance for area youth with or without previous training or experience.  Students spend 4 weeks studying musical theatre technique including, singing, dancing, voice projection, characterization, theatre terminology, and theatre etiquette and professionalism. Students will develop performance skills and will be given an equal opportunity to shine on stage. The camp will culminate with performances of a Broadway -style musical revue, Show Biz Kidz– Hooray for Hollywood! Featuring favorite songs such as “Ghostbusters,” “On the Good Ship Lollipop,” "Star Wars," and “Staying Alive.”


The camp will be held June 19th through July 14th

(No class July 4th)

Performances: July 14 at 7:00 and July 15 & 16 at 2:00


Show Biz Kidz  Junior Group

Completed kindergarten through age 7

Monday, Wednesday, Friday11:30-12:30*

*9:00-12:00 July 10th- 14th for dress rehearsals

Tuition: $175 

Show Biz Kidz  Morning Group

Ages 8-10


Tuition: $325

Show Biz Kidz  Afternoon Group

Ages 11-16

Monday - Friday12:30-3:30*

*9:00-12:00 July 10th- 14th for dress rehearsals

Tuition: $325 

Registration begins Jan. 9, 2017   

Register early. Classes fill fast.

Click here for registration form and waiver