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Spotlight on Success

Join us on May 3 for the Big Day of Giving


The historic Woodland Opera House is deeply committed to providing the best productions and education programs for our community, and we need your help. To continue to provide top-notch theatrical productions we must replace our theatrical lighting system, the system that lights the stage. The system is obsolete and can no longer be repaired. It is at its breaking point. 

Starting at midnight, donations will be accepted through Donations of $25, $50, $100, or more with help us reach our goal of replacing the Woodland Opera House theatrical lighting system. Please save the date and join us on May 3 as we work together towards the Bright Future of the Woodland Opera House.

 Pictured above is the outdated light board control console and monitor, part of the theatrical lighting system to be replaced.  Parts are no longer available, so every time a component of the system fails, it cannot be fixed and means there is less light on the stage.